A healthy dessert that is easy to make and enjoyable anytime…that’s just Yonanas!

(a product of Healthy Foods, LLC) turns frozen fruit and other flavorings into a delicious, healthy soft-serve treat. The unit combines frozen bananas and any additional fruit or chocolate and instantly churns the ingredients to produce a treat with the texture of frozen yogurt or soft-serve ice cream.

With Yonanas, eating healthy is delicious, easy, and fun. By using 100% frozen fruits, Yonanas allows you to increase your intake of fruits and is ideal for diabetics and people with food allergens. No milk, eggs, or sugar are needed, which means Yonanas takes on the flavor of only the ingredients you mix in.

The Core Values of Yonanas:

  • Delicious
  • Easy
  • Fun
  • Fast
  • Honest
  • Nutritious

Who wouldn’t want all that in their dessert? Yonanas’ frozen treats taste just like soft-serve ice cream, but without the added fat, sugar, and preservatives, and is the guiltless treat you can enjoy anytime!

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